My massage career officially started in 1995. After graduating from the Baltimore School of Massage, I worked both part-time and full-time jobs until 2010 when I opened my own office in Old Town Alexandria. I'm in a new phase of my life as an older parent with two children who need a chauffeur almost more than they need me!  I've gone from working in Alexandria to providing a mobile massage service out of my home office.  

Before landing on massage as my métier, as they say in French, I did everything from working as a janitor, selling shoes, housewares and men’s furnishings, delivered newspapers, sold 100 pound blocks of ice, worked in the hotel industry for seven years including the Grand Opening of Euro Disney, now Disneyland Paris and in the convention and trade show industry for 11 years.  As a result, I know the meaning of hard work, customer service and that you are only as good as your last massage.

I use my life and work experience to understand what you need and want from your therapist.  I don't guess though.

By asking pertinent questions and listening to the answers, I don’t pre-judge or jump to conclusions.  I'm always interested in your health and well-being, but I'm not always a massage therapist.

Besides working in my garden or puttering around our house, you can find me spending time with my wife and our two children.

I love to cook, read science fiction and mystery books, watch bad television, which isn’t too hard to find and walk my dog Daisy. I graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., with a degree in journalism.  

  Je parle français