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Convention & Association Work


NEW FOR 2017  


Neural Reset Therapy

$100 Session (Session Times Vary) Jessica Dantzler-Henry provides this specialized treatment which reduces pain by re-setting muscles (i.e. your nervous system) to a relaxed state. Click here to schedule.

MBM WellnesS Packages

  • 6, 60 minute Massages - 6 Months to use them ($480) - You save $10 per massage and have six months to use those six massages.  Paid in advance.  Click here to schedule.

Not Enough Time For You?  Try a 90 Minute Package Instead.

  • 6, 90 minute Massages - 6 Months to redeem massages. ($720) - You save $10 per massage and have six months to use those six massages.  Paid in advance.  Click here to schedule.


  • 6, 1/2 hour Massages- 6 Months to use them ($240) - You save $10 per massage and have six months to use those six massages.  Paid in advance.  Click here to schedule

  • Military Discount ($70.00)- Active Military or Reserves. ID required. Click here to schedule. 

  • 60 Minute Massage ($90.00) -  Working together, we'll create an hour-long massage based on what you want. Good massages include a mixture of light and deep work. Click here to schedule.

  • 90 Minute Massage ($130.00) - Sometimes a 60 minute isn't enough time for either you, the client, or the massage therapist. Using the extra time, we will continue to work together to create your private massage treatment. Click here to schedule.

  • 75 Minute Hot Stone Massage ($150.00) - Basic heated stone treatment blended with massage and therapeutic or relaxation work as requested. Wonderful way to combine the healing effects of heat and massage in a 60 minute session. Click here to schedule.

  • 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage ($175.00) - A mixture of hot stones and massage blended together to soothe, heal and relax. Includes aromatherapy, one essential oil diffused into the room and added to the body oil used for the massage portion of the service. Click here to schedule.

  • Half-as-Much ($50.00) - Your choice: 30 minutes concentration work on Neck, Back, Shoulders, Legs. Click here to schedule.

  • The Patent Examiner  ($80) - 60 minute massage designed for Patent Examiners. ID Required.  Click here to schedule.

  • Aromatherapy-add on ($5.00) - Add essential oils to any treatment. Does not add time to service, just wonderful refreshing or soothing aromatic oils. Click here to schedule.

Professional & Corporate Events

  • Health Fairs, Employee Recognition & Benefit Programs

  • Seated Chair Massage

  • Corporate Events & Trade Shows

  • Corporate Discounts

The Personal Touch

  • Gift Baskets

  • Gift Certificates, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gifts, Parties & Special Events

Massage is serious, but it can also be fun too.  My gig at Tommy Bahama made me want to get dressed appropriately for the job.