I've never had a massage. What should i know?

Look for a massage a therapist who has studied and graduated from an accredited massage school and belongs to either the American Massage Therapist Association or the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.  They should be nationally certified, but aside from accreditation, you want to look for someone you feel comfortable and confident with.  As a client, you need to be able to communicate the reason you’re looking for massage.  Do you want to relax or do you need deeper, more specific work? 

You don’t want a therapist who thinks they know your body better than you do.  Avoid any therapist who listens (or say they listen) to what you want for a session and then does what they want. 

I've had a massage before, but I don't get work done on a regular basis. What kind of work will I receive here?

Therapy at Massage by Marc runs the gamut of work from Swedish or Relaxation type work to deeper, more vigorous work.  Massage by Marc enjoys a strong reputation for both Deep Tissue and clinical, more medically oriented massage.

I regularly receive massages and am very happy with the service that I receive. Why should I switch to Massage by Marc?

People come to me for my strength, my gentleness, my consistency and especially my intuition and ability to translate what I feel into a great massage.  I listen to your needs and give you the massage you want.  That means the massage combines a variety of strokes and strength, relaxation and deep tissue work reflecting what happens in your body.